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When it comes to creating your own website or creating the website for the client, you might often wonder what font is better to choose. There are plenty of various fonts over the Internet for sure and sometimes it may be quite challenging to decide on the one that will fit your website perfectly.

That is why we have decided to create a list of best free geometric fonts for your website. You can have a look at each of them in detail, compare ,and contrast, so this way the decision may be made much easier.



One of the most common geometric fonts designed to highlight the charm of urban style in typography. The letters in this font are pretty rounded, broad-based and diverse. It has also got 2 sister families: Subrayada and Alternates.

Designed by: Julieta Ulanovsky, Sol Matas, Juan Pablo del Peral, Jacques Le Bailly


Josefin Slab

Josefin Slab free geometric font

This geometric serif font looks like the one from the old school magazine. It represents the soul of Scandinavian style and might imply a bit rigorous but at the same time really charming.

Designed by: Santiago Orozco



Baumans free geometric font

Baumans is the proportion-balanced font created for headlines. At first glance, this “curly” font seems grotesque and distinct. But in pair with other geometric fonts it looks dashing.

Designed by: Cyreal



Iceland free geometric font

Iceland font is the one that we would call eye-catching. Its square-shaped form, harsh style and abridged letters look good at logotypes and grids.

Designed by: Cyreal



Arvo free geometric font

Arvo is one of slab-serif geometric fonts designed mainly for printings. Its style can be called varied and blended due to the composition. “Arvo” has a meaning of digit, rate and quality, so the name illustrates the values mix of this free geometric font.

Designed by: Anton Koovit



Rokkitt free geometric font

Rokkit is one more geometric font that transfer the reader to old times as similar fonts were used in publishing companies of mid 20th century. It looks a bit flattened and large-scale but it look amazing in pair with Open Sans font, for example.

Designed by: Vernon Adams



Righteous free geometric font

Geometric style of Righteous font is obvious and clear. It is highly readable at different range of sizes. The usage of this font in logotypes is remarkable. 

Designed by: Astigmatic



Geo free geometric font

 Geo is not really typical geometric font and it seems rather odd and funny. It looks like the one that was typed with typewriter in about 1920s and this way its usage would fit some printings and logotypes. 

Designed by: Ben Weiner



Sen free geometric font

Sen is one of the free sans serif geometric fonts that look very favourable and welcoming. It is easy to read and fit as it has general style and may fit anything be it logotype, website, printing or anything else.

Designed by: Kosal Sen



ABeeZee free geometric font

ABeeZee is considered as the geometric font which is widely used for learning alphabet by children. It is pretty simple and sympathetic, and its italic style looks like a handwriting that is also helpful for kids to develops their own handwriting.

Designed by: Anja Meiners



Alatsi free geometric font

Alatsi is one of the sans serif geometric fonts which looks very simple and calm. This font with elongated letter includes a diversity of oldstyle figures and it is very good for using it in headlines.

Designed by: Spyros Zevelakis, Eben Sorkin



Exo free geometric font

This font keeps feeling of industrial and delicate styles at the same time. This spacious and squarish font fits small text sizes very well.

Designed by: Natanael Gama, Robin Mientjes


IBM Plex Sans Condensed

IBM Plex Sans Condensed free geometric font

This font combines bizarre and and sympathetic styles. It emphasizes contact between person and machine. It had a perfect definition in printings, web and mobile designs.

Designed by: Mike Abbink, Bold Monday


Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans free geometric font

Josefin Sans possesses geometry, charm, and old-fashioned times. It is mainly used in headlines and at big sizes. It is rounded and sharp at the same time.

Designed by: Santiago Orozco



Metrophobic free geometric font

This sans serif font can be called semi geometric. It is widely applied in both small and large sizes. This one perfectly combines with Open Sans font and looks very fashionable.

Designed by: Vernon Adams



Muli free geometric font

This minimalist font was designed based on users’ requests and feedbacks. It is used mostly in display and text typography. It belongs to the light tracing family.

Designed by: Vernon Adams



Oxanium free geometric font

Oxanium is a free squarish and innovative font with its so-called “incomplete” lines which look very stylish. It combines well with Roboto font being the one used in heading.

Designed by: Severin Meyer



Poppins free geometric font

Poppins font is very elegant in its italic form. It is wide and rounded and look very typical and general. Commonly used in web designs and printings.

Designed by: Indian Type Foundry


Pragati Narrow

Pragati Narrow free geometric font

Pragrati Narrow name speaks for itself. It has not really typical narrow shape. It has horizontal and vertical configurations. It was developed for web and desktop usage.

Designed by: Omnibus-Type


Space Mono

Space Mono free geometric font

This unusual font was developed for editorial usage. Its typographic elements contain antique shapes, fractions, unusual currency symbols and direction arrows. Its italic form looks like a handwriting so Space Mono is kind of eye-catching.

Designed by: Colophon


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