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If you are looking for a free color code converter online, you have definitely come to the right place. With the help of our free color converter, you will be able to easily convert RGB colors to HEX or convers color code to RGB. If you are a web designer, you will definitely find this tool efficient and beneficial for you. An invaluable asset of this color code converter is that one is able to get the results immediately without having to wait for a long time for the program to convert the color scheme. Color Code Converter Online as a Beneficial Tool for Graphic Designers

Not a legal color value
Name Orange
Rgb RGB(255, 165, 0)
Hex #ffa500
Hsl hsl(39, 100%, 50%)
Hwb hwb(39, 0%, 0%)
Cmyk cmyk(0%, 35%, 100%, 0%)
Ncol R65, 0%, 0%

Color codes example

White (255, 255, 255) #FFFFFF (0, 0%, 100%) (0, 1000%, 0%) (0%, 0%, 0%, 0%) R0, 100%, 0%
Gray (128, 128, 128) #808080 (0, 0, 50%) (0, 50%, 50%) (0%, 0%, 0%, 50%) R0, 50%, 50%
Black (0, 0, 0) #000000 (0, 0%, 0%) (0, 0%, 100%) (0%, 0%, 0%, 100%) R0, 0%, 100%
Navy (0, 0, 128) #000080 (240, 100%, 25%) (240, 0%, 50%) (100%, 100%, 0%, 50%) B0, 0%, 50%
Blue (0, 0, 255) #0000ff (240, 100%, 50%) (240, 0%, 0%) (100%, 100%, 0%, 0%) B0, 0%, 0%
aqua (0, 255, 255) #00ffff (180, 100%, 50%) (180, 0%, 0%) (100%, 0%, 0%, 0%) B0, 0%, 0%
green (0, 128, 0) #008000 (120, 100%, 25%) (120, 0%, 50%) (100%, 0%, 100%, 50%) G0, 0%, 50%
lime (0, 255, 0) #00ff00 (120, 100%, 50%) (120, 0%, 0%) (100%, 0%, 100%, 0%) G0, 0%, 0%
yellow (255, 255, 0) #ffff00 (60, 100%, 50%) (60, 0%, 0%) (0%, 0%, 100%, 0%) Y0, 0%, 0%
orange (255, 165, 0) #FFA500 (39, 100%, 50%) (39, 0%, 0%) (0%, 35%, 100%, 0%) R65, 0%, 0%
red (255, 0, 0) #FF0000 (0, 100%, 50%) (0, 0%, 0%) (0%, 100%, 100%, 0%) R0, 0%, 0%
pink (255, 192, 203) #FFC0CB (350, 100%, 88%) (350, 75%, 0%) (0%, 25%, 20%, 0%) M83, 75%, 0%
purple (128, 0, 128) #800080 (300, 100%, 25%) (300, 0%, 50%) (0%, 100%, 0%, 50%) M0, 0%, 50%
brown (165, 42, 42) #A52A2A (0, 59%, 41%) (0, 16%, 35%) (0%, 75%, 75%, 35%) R0, 16%, 35%
gold (255, 215, 0)) #FFD700 (51, 100%, 50%) (51, 0%, 0%)) (0%, 16%, 100%, 0%) R84, 0%, 0%
silver (192, 192, 192) #C0C0C0 (0, 0%, 75%) (0, 75%, 25%) (0%, 0%, 0%, 25%) R0, 75%, 25%

Different Color Models Available On The Web

If you have heard the term «color model» but you did not actually come to realize what it is, be sure that you will find clear and comprehensible information in this article. A color model denotes a specific system that is used to create a rich variety of colors from the primary ones. In other words, a color model depicts specific ways that colors can be representaed as number tuples. Color model can be of two kinds: additive color model and subtractive. The former type displays colors whereas the latter uses printing ink.

So, when it comes to the most widespread color models utilized by web designers, when it comes to computer displaying, RGB model is used as an example of an additive color model and CMYK (as an example of a subtractive color model) is used for printing. Moreover, with the help of color models, you can identify color on website. Furthermore, you can even search for color equivalents, which is really helpful if you are a graphic designer.

What Is RGB Color Model?

RGB stands for red, green, and blue, which means that these colors are composed with each other in a wide range of ways in order to create a vast variety of new colors. RGB model is mainly used for representing, sensing, and displaying images on computers, television, and even in conventional photography. Apart from creating new colors in different combinations, RGB model enables one to extract colors of different intensity. When it comes to the binary system of numbers, the total number of possible numbers in RGB model equals to 16,777,216.

What Is HEX Color Model?

HEX color model is used for onscreen (websites) and the very name stands for «hexadecimal color.» CMYK HEX codes, which are used by web developers and web designers, are a mere digital combination of letters and numbers that is actually defined by the composition of red, blue, and green (RGB pattern). In other words, it is a hexadecimal code translator for RGB. Should you be interested to get HEX from RGB, you need to use a special color code converter online.

What Is HSL Color Model?

HSL stands for hue, saturation, and lightness. This is one of the alternative RGB representations. This color model more closely and accurately depicts how a human eye perceives different colors and their attributes. The color model is visually represented by a radial slice with an axis in its center, where black is at the very bottom and white is at the top. The other colors are in between and are organized according to the principle of lightness. With the help of the converter, you can turn HSL to CMYK..

What Is HWB Color Model?

HWB color model stands for hue, whiteness, and brightness, and it is also one of the alternative representations of RGB color model apart from HSL. When it comes to choosing between RGB HWB color, the latter is easier for people to use as it relies more on their intuition: one just needs to add either more whiteness or blackness to the color in order to get the new color. Even though this color model is not utilized widely in web design, it is really simple to provide its description in a code. Its principle is simple: white lightens the color while black darkens it.

What Is CMYK Color Model?

CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Unlike RGB, which is an additive color model, CMYK is a subtractive one. Its primary sphere of usage is in printing and it helps to mask different colors either fully or partially on a white background. If you still wonder why this color model is called subtractive is because it subtracts brghtness from the light background with the help of inks.

What Is NCol Color Model?

Ncol stands for «natural color» and it is also widely known as NCS – natural color system. The underlying concept behind this color system is that of color opponency. Unlike the other color models that focus on color mixing, this one is based on the human perception of colors. This color model is used for simplifying the process of selecting HTML colors. It has specific demarkation, where the letter denotes color (e.g. R=red) and the number that is placed next to it refers to the percentage of the next color (i.e. distance to the next color). If you wonder where to get RGB to NCol converter, be sure you can use our free color inverter online.

How To Use This Color Code Converter?

Our color converter supports the main four color models, so if you want to covert one color model into another one, you need to input the codes of your colors into corresponding color model field. If you need to use name to number converter, provide the required data input and wait for the result. If you need to convert RGB into HSL, you will have to use an RGB to HSL formula. The converter also has an HSL color converter, whereby you will have to input HSL color data into RGB field to get the percentage.

If you wonder how to convert RGB to CMYK online, be sure to input color levels of red, green, and blue, and press «Convert» button. When it comes to RGB to CMYK formula, you will simply have to divide the values of red, green, and blue by 255. Afterwards, you will have to find out the estimations for the black key, which are calculated from RGB. Then to find out the CMYK variations, you will have to use the following formula: (1-x1-K) / (1-K), where x stands for red in cyan, green in magenta, and blue in yellow. Shortly, this is how to match RGB to CMYK.

Which Code Is Good To Use?

As a rule, many web designers ask themselves a question which code is better – RGB or HEX. Actually, it is really hard to choose only one from these two as each of them has their own benefits and they can be used for specific purposes. When you need to find out which color style is used onscreen, you should definitely try RGB. However, if you need to implement the color into your CSS or HTML, then you will surely have to use color calculator RGB to HEX. However, when it comes to web development, one would hardly ever change HEX to RGB converter since RGB is far more complicated.

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