Meghan Markle verb

Having read the article`s title, you might probably feel confused with the wording: «Meghan Markled? What?» What does «to Meghan markle mean?» The name of Prince Harry`s wife – Meghan Markle – has entered the English language dictionary with the meaning of Meghan Markle verb «to abandon an uncomfortable place, where you feel unwelcomed, as a way of caring for your mental health.»

Applying Meghan Markle Verb to IT Sphere

The Guardian has come up with a comprehensive guide on how to use this word in context and it has also provided examples of specific situations where this verb may be used. For example, it can be used in terms of relationships and work. Have you ever imagined yourself leave your workplace in IT just as Meghan Markle left the Royal Family? If you are an IT specialist who has at least once wished to Meghan Markle your workplace, please read on to know the tips and startegies how to avoid emotional burnout at work.

You might have probably often heard a phrase from your colleagues, «I will lose my mind with this task» or «I have almost lost my mind with this project» – you might have even though that thing to yourself. Why do you think people are on the verge of «losing their mind»? – Probably because they do not take care of it. If you are having a tough time at work and if all this is coupled with some personal issues, it might really be hard to cope with that stuff. If you have no opportunity to break your emotions free, it may have a deteriorating impact on your mind and mood and may even lead to depression. If you do not care for your mental health and well-being, you may feel stressed-out, depressed, and may have problems with sleep.

If you notice that you are working 24/7 and your work distracts you from rest and your favorite pastimes even at the weekend, be sure that you should pay more attention to people`s physical and mental limits. It may seem to you that programming tasks demand much time, attention, and resilience, but try to put priority on your personal and body needs. When you have sufficient resources and when you feel relaxed, you will be more energetic and productive when it comes to work. So, if you have some issues with stress levels, be sure that you need to draw more attention to it before you are overly emotional to Meghan Markle from your workplace.

What Is a Stress for a Developer?

Stress is a phenomenon that denotes a specific state of body and mind that is perceived as a threat by your organism, especially some kind of threat that is connected with changes and challenges in the environment. In other words, when you are under stress, your body is tense and your mind is tense as well even though you cannot see or feel it. To reach the desired level of relaxation, it is important for one to balance between these arousal levels and make sure that they correspond to the actual situation.

You might have probably heard the phrase «fight or flight» – this is actually a perfect way how our body reacts when it is under stress. Stress is the indication that our body perceives some surroundings as stressful ones. When it comes to physical symptoms of stress conditions, these are the following:

  • tense muscles;
  • nausea or even vomitting;
  • increased blood pressure and heartbeat;
  • distorted attention span;
  • emotional instability.

In some cases, the physical response of «fight or flight» can really help us in tough situatons that are critical for our survival – for example, when we want to escape some dangerous animal whatsoever. However, who are you going to fight or from where do you intend to flight when you are sitting in front of your PC working on some complicated code?

Our brain does not differentiate between a real dangerous situation and anxiety that is, for example, caused by some thoughts or imaginary situation. In other words, the reaction will be the same – stress. As such, even a tough conversation with your boss may trigger the same amount of stress as some threatening situation. Thus, it is really important to conquer the levels of stress that you face, especially in the area of programming as IT is considered to be one of the stressful work areas.

Programmers’ Mind Reaction to Stressful Situations

Programming entails living in one`s head: numerous problems and tasks are being operated in programmers` minds, which takes up much time and energy and leads to stress. This is the point when a person may become disconnected from his/ her body and thus fail to hear the body`s needs. So, one of the essential basics of effective stress management is to start noticing when you are experiencing stress. This is the very point when you can Meghan Markle from the tough working conditions or start taking appropriate actions aimed at eliminating stress levels.

Overall, there are two kinds of stress: intrinsic and extrinsic. The former happens exactly at the point when you are producing it from within yourself. Specifically, programmers frequently perceive themselves as superhumans or restless coding machines (but here`s a little secret: they are not). This perception consequently leads to high expectations concerning performance, meeting deadlines, exceling at all tasks, coping with a project after project without any time to relax, and so on.

So, if you are prone to comparing your performance with others or if you cannot find time for recreation and have lost yourself in the routine of coding, it is a sign to consider the issue of tackling with stress in depth.

Causes and Effects of Stress in IT

The most widespread causes of stress and anxiety is one`s inability to say «no» to the new tasks while the previously assigned ones are still in progress. The second most widespread cause is the sacrifice of personal joy and satisfaction, namely when one always prefers work to some enjoyable pastimes. If you cannot avoid stress and if you cannot control the rate and amount of stress in your life, you will likely suffer from the following symptoms:

  • poor performance;
  • apathy;
  • anxiety and high emotional levels;
  • insomnia and other sleeping problems;
  • constant fatigue;
  • dizziness and continuous headaches;
  • eating disorders and the loss of appetite.

When it comes to strenuous working conditions, it is significant to keep balance of mental and physical activities. As such, you need to pay attention to your physical fitness since stress accumulates in the body. So, to maintain good well-being, it is advisable to exercise, have a nutritious and well-balanced diet, and reduce the number of working hours.

How to Manage Your Stress Levels?

If you are a busy programmer, you need to come up with your own strategies how to deal with stress. Specifically, go through the following steps:

  1. Address the cause of stress. It is essential to Meghan Markle from the roots of stress in your life. Take a minute and come up with a list of things that cause you much stress. Afterwards, think of a strategy that will help you eliminate it. At the most stressful periods in your life, do not be ashamed to ask for support: from friends, family or even a psychotherapist. Do not push yourself to the limits and try to Meghan Markle from toxic people and relationships. One of the great pieces of advice is to practice some meditation techniques or yoga.
  2. Reverse the damage done to your health. It may hardly be possible to undo the damage that stress has been causing to you for all your life but it is possible to take some steps aimed at improvement of the situation.
  3. Lower the baseline. Try to balance between rest and work – try paying attention to your wishes and needs more than before.

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